All started in 1994 in Avon, Colorado, where a group of 18 Y.O. kids were trying to realize a new kind of binding that later would be globally known as Baseless.
The new idea worked real good and the company quickly grew, becoming a symbol of strength and quality when it comes to talking about snowboard bindings. Clothing and snowboards were implemented later to give a proper kit to all the street slaughters and hip hop heads out there.
 In less than 10 years Technine established itself among the main brands focused on urban snowboarding, with the help of amazing team videos.
 In 2013 Technine re-invented the baseless binding with the TN14 binding, featuring a split base that allows the rider to tweak and flex without losing support, all in a light package.
 At the end of 2015 huge changes in the company gave Technine the chance to steer the wheel and take a whole new path. Nowdays Technine counts on a brand new global team with riders from every corner of the globe,